Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Anyone see my woo hoo???

Happy Wednesday Everyone

Funny how we may not realize how we are feeling inside until someone else points it out to us. We may think we are greeting the world every day with a happy face when our body language is actually speaking volumes to the contrary. Case in point; my son asked me yesterday where my woo hoo went? I have been dealing with a few stressful things, and being a firm believer in not laying my troubles on my children, I was going around thinking that they were unaware of my internal turmoil. My son's comment just made me really look at how I needed to deal with what was happening so I could once again, as my son put it so succinctly, get my woo hoo back.

Our children are more intuitive than we give them credit for. They know when something is wrong and it is OK to say "I am sad but it is not going to last forever and before you know it Mommy will be back to her old self." It will make them feel soooo much better knowing that this too shall pass and they are not the cause of your sadness.

Happy Parenting


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