Monday, March 19, 2007

Chores Can Be Fun

Happy Monday Everyone

If you have been following our blog for the last few days you are aware that I have started a bit of an experiment with my two youngest. Since they are now on Spring Break it seemed like the perfect time to try to get them to help me with a bit of spring cleaning. They promised me two solid hours of hard work a day and I promised to make it as fun as possible. I was actually surprised to see how well the experiment is going. They both are still eager to continue with the cleaning for all of next week .

It got me thinking that you can probably get your kids to do pretty much anything if you make it fun enough. It may take a bit of thought on your part but really even something as mundane as doing chores can be made much more enjoyable with a little bit of ingenuity, take my word for it. ;-) I will tell you how I did that in Wednesday's blog.

Look for some great tips in the next kidsgoals newsletter about how to motivate your kids to do their homework by making it fun,fun,fun!

Happy Parenting

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