Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"The Right Way"

Happy Wednesday Everyone
The cleaning campaign has been put on hold for a bit because a very special project just fell into my lap that is going to take priority over everything else for the next few days. No worries, I found out that my kids are very capable of helping and I am going to make sure that they have a lot more responsibilities around the house. It seemed to be easier to just do it myself than try and get them to do things the way that I wanted them done. For instance my son offered to help me fold some towels and when he started folding I started to show him how to do it the way I would. I had to stop myself in mid explanation and say "No, I am going to let you fold them the way that you feel is best, and I am thankful that you want to help me" I think because I was brought up to believe that there was a right way to do certain things and nothing else would do. As Cassie would say BOLLOCKS!!!! How can we expect our children to ever have any confidence in themselves if they are constantly being shown the so-called "right way" to do things and who said it was the right way anyway? Maybe they would come up with a better way if given the chance, but we will never know unless we let them try.

If we don't have confidence in our children's abilities how are they ever supposed to have confidence in themselves? Think about that when you suggest that they do something the way that you would instead of letting them try to do it all on their own. It takes a bit of practice not to want to correct but it is so worth it when you see a child start to realize his potential.

I know I said in Monday's blog that I would explain how I made cleaning fun for my kids but that will be in a future blog or maybe even an article for the newsletter.

Happy Parenting


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