Saturday, March 10, 2007

Homework, and Living in the Moment

Children often tend to be happier than adults - often because it comes naturally to a young person to live in the moment rather than regreting the past or dreading the future so often.
Encourage this natural trait and capitalize on how it can help your child succeed academically by helping to make homework and study fun for your child.

When you have time, and your child is young enough to appreciate it, keep him company while he does his homework from time to time, showing a genuine interest, demonstrating a bit of excitement at the topics, and offering lots of praise and hugs when he does well.

When your child is older, ask about their homework with real interest, remember still to praise them. A child is never too old for praise!

Some older kids study well if they are allowed to listen to music while doing their homework. If it helps your child work well, that's a good thing - if it would be a distraction for you it doesn't necessarily mean your child would feel the same - we're all different.

Happy Parenting,


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