Saturday, June 10, 2006

Kids Goals - Sell your stuff $$$$$$$$

I am constantly looking for ways to earn money to fund my trip to the UK, so I was thrilled to find an email from Amazon saying that if I sold the used books I had bought in the last year through their marketplace, I could make almost $300 Canadian. Woohoo!!!
I am an avid reader and although there are some books I would never part with, there are a few that are just gathering dust. I quickly collected the ones I was willing to sell and one by one entered the ISBN # to see what I could get for them. To my amazement I found I could get a least half of what I paid and that was with the commission that Amazon deducted for each sale. Sounded pretty good to me. I had tried to sell a few of them last year, through a local consignment bookstore and was unhappy to find they would only give me $10 and that was for the whole flipping lot of them. No thank you!!
Anyway,as I was going along happily adding some of my collection to my sellers list I came across a book that I had purchased a few years ago. When I put in the ISBN # to see what I could get for it I was amazed that the book was selling used for $125.00 and you couldn't even buy it new. I think I paid $10 for it!!! Anyway I listed mine for a mere $75.00 thinking that if anyone really wanted it for their collection they would choose the lowest price. After a bit of thought I went back and changed it to $100 after all I didn't want to give it away.
Doesn't it make you want to go through your bookcase and see what yours are worth???
Happy hunting - and Happy Goal Setting with Your Kids

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