Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fussy Eaters

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Do you have a fussy eater in your family? Or maybe you even used to be a fussy eater yourself as a kid?

There were lots of things I hated as a small child ... olives and omelettes are the ones that bring back the worst memories - both of which I love now, as an adult. A lot of the foods kids don't seem keen on is quite strong in flavor...

I have many fond memories, on the other hand, of eating Farleys' Rusks. If you don't get Farleys in your country, they are a mild flavoured rusk that goes soft and soggy in milk. They are meant for little babies but I adored them throughout childhood and still think about them! Imagine my disappointment when I tried a Farleys' Rusk recently and found that it had No Taste At All!!!! It had the flavor of soggy cardboard!

My theory is that as we grow older, our taste buds mature and become less sensitive, so we enjoy the stimulation of stronger foods. Unfortunately, it also means that some delicious things, like good old Farleys, become utterly and depressingly tasteless. Anyone else find this?


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