Saturday, June 10, 2006

Goal Setting for Kids - A Child's Self Esteem

After a hectic and annoying hour or so tramping round the busy supermarket last Saturday, I was starting to scowl at everyone. So it was refreshing to see a beautiful interaction between a father and daughter in the checkout lane next to mine.
The kid must have been about five years old, and her father was holding her and talking to her as he piled the groceries onto the conveyor.
Dad: "Shall we put you on here and have the cashier scan you?"
Kid (laughing): "No!"
Dad: "What price do you think would come up if we had you scanned? 10 pence?"
Kid: "No!!"
Dad: "You're right, you're worth a lot more than that! Millions of pounds, do you think? BILLIONS?? If we had the cashier put you through the scanner, it would probably BLOW UP! And you know, if EVERYONE in the whole world put ALL their money together, they would never be able to afford you. 'Cos you are PRICELESS."
Wow. I'm still speechless. Just seeing that kid's face, grinning from ear to ear, made my day.
I would LOVE to hear YOUR stories of how a child's self esteem has been boosted! :)
Happy Goal Setting with your Kids!

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