Saturday, June 10, 2006

In the midst of goal setting with your kids, something to make you laugh!

When it comes to kids, my own personal goal has just been to be blessed with having one! My husband and I have tried for years to get pregnant - and that's a story for another day! - but I'm pleased to report that we are both philosophical enough now to laugh about it. So here's a good joke for you!
Are you ready to have a baby? Some tests to take before you decide...
1. Buy two bumper packs of Lego bricks. Throw them all over the floor in the living room, and scatter them up the stairs. Now walk from the kitchen to the bathroom upstairs without yelping.
2. Place a very irate octopus into a plastic carrier bag. Ensure all tentacles are safely inside.

3. Take two goats shopping at your local supermarket. At the checkout, pay for all they break or eat, and provide any necessary apologies - without blushing!
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Happy Goal Setting with your Kids!

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