Monday, June 26, 2006

Goal Setting for Kids - Intangible goals?

Goal setting for Kids - Intangible goals?

What to do if your kid sets a goal like "I want Joey Smith to be my best friend"? A goal like that isn't necessarily all that healthy. Maybe I'm wrong to call it an "intangible" goal as it's certainly very specific - which is supposed to be good for goal setting.

But it depends too much on things outside your child's control. What if Joey already has a best friend ... or if he moves away?

When teaching our kids goal setting maybe we need to emphasize that our goals need to be defined in terms that enable us to be in control, at least largely, of whether we reach them or not.

A better goal might be, to be the kind of kid that everyone wants to be friends with?!

What do YOU think?

Goal Setting for Kids

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