Friday, June 16, 2006

Internet Safety for Kids

My youngest son is very involved in an online adventure game. He has been playing it for over six months as a non-member but after awhile he grew bored with the available quests and pleaded with his Father and me to let him become a member. He showed us all the cool things that full members could do and what the $7 a month would cover. After a bit of thought we agreed to let him.

Things were going along fine until yesterday when he came to me and told me someone hacked into his game and stole his password. He was very upset and rightly he should have been. If something like a password can be stolen what else can these hackers steal!!!

Make it a point to teach your children internet safety. Do not get complacent when it comes to your child and his computer games. There are predators lurking waiting for a chance to befriend your child, make no mistake about it!!!

We will be providing a quick start guide you can download from our website at KidsGoals that will be available in July, watch for it.


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