Sunday, April 15, 2007

Siblings and Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Happy Sunday Everyone
It is a beautiful sunny day and Cassie and I just returned from a nice walk with the dog. Cassie is doing really well jet lag wise and seems happy and relaxed. I want this time for her to be an enjoyable experience so she will want to come back; or better yet not want to leave. :- )

My friendship with Cassie is so important to me and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. Children who are on the Autism spectrum may have problems developing such friendships and my fondest hope is that one day my daughter who has Asperger's (a pervasive development disorder related to Autism) will find such a friend. In the interim she has developed a bit of a friendship with an older girl from high school but it is not the kind of friendship that will probably last. For one, her friend will be graduating this June and she will be on her way to independence while my daughter will be in the school system for a few more years yet.

For my daughter the relationship she has with her younger brother is very important to her. There is a five-year difference but they seem to really enjoy each other’s company and do a lot of things together. I think she would be a very lonely child without her little brother. For kids on the spectrum siblings play a huge part in their social development and sometimes the younger child will develop a protective role and look out for their elder sibling. My son for instance will stick up for his sister if he feels like she is being taken advantage of.

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