Friday, April 27, 2007

Depression and Autism

Today is a very sad day for me. After having my friend Cassie here for the last few weeks I woke up this morning feeling like something was missing. Our friendship has become such an important part of my day and having her here in my country and my home was very special for me. I am literally having Cassie withdrawal. So yes I am a bit sad but I know that by tomorrow or Sunday I will be back to my old self. My daughter, who has Asperger's, sometimes, suffers from depression and I keep a close eye on her for any red flags. A bad day at school can sometimes exacerbate into full blown depression in the blink of an eye so if she seems like she is becoming withdrawn and spending a bit too much time in her room I make sure to check in with her to see what is going on. It is sometimes like pulling teeth to get her to talk about it but with a bit of encouragement or a game of hangman she will eventually tell me.

Depression is very common in autism and Asperger’s kids. Social withdrawal, lack of appetite and sleep disturbance is common in children on the spectrum and are also the core symptoms of depression, the disease can sometimes go undiagnosed and untreated. If you have any concerns your child may be depressed it is a good idea to talk to a professional as soon as possible.

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