Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Father Daughter Bonding

Happy Tuesday Everyone

With the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs last week I have pretty much become a hockey widow and it is nice to have Cassie here to keep me company. As with the majority of men in Canada the playoffs seems to be the topic of conversation for my husband lately especially since his beloved Canucks are doing so well. I found it rather interesting that my daughter has discovered a love for hockey too. It warms my heart to see her sitting beside her Dad on the couch cheering on their favourite team. It is especially interesting since my ten-year-old son has shown no interest in watching it at all.

I have found in the past that the relationship my daughter, who has Asperger’s, has with her Father has been strained at best. They seem to be able to push each other’s buttons and many times he will send her to her room when they have a disagreement about something. He has not yet developed the patience he needs to have when dealing with her many moods. I am hoping that the bonding in front of the television that they have been doing lately is a start of something special. I have always felt like they do not have the closeness that they should have between a Father and daughter and I am usually the one she will come to if she has a problem she needs help with. Hopefully he will start to really appreciate what a great kid she really is.

Happy Parenting

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