Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Routine and security

In an hour, I leave home for my long journey to Canada to spend a couple of weeks with my dear friend and partner Monicka. I'm thrilled to be going to visit her - my only problem is I really hate travelling. It makes me extremely anxious - and I'm certain that it is because we moved around a lot when I was a kid. We left the UK when I was seven and travelled around Israel and then Ireland - often with nowhere to stay (yes I do mean homeless).

So I was interested to hear the other day from my friend Grant who is a trainee counsellor, that he had been learning about the psychology of small children and how important it is for them to have a stable physical environment. Toddlers and small children have so much to learn about the world around them, that they need as much stability as possible. Travelling on holidays is not necessarily a good thing for small kids, especially around the age when they start walking and venturing a little further from the security of their parents' arms. And moving house can be quite traumatic.

For children on the autism spectrum, routine and stability are even more important. Monicka tells me that her teenage daughter (who has Asperger Syndrome) eats exactly the same breakfast and lunch every day - and that if the Bran Flakes have run out it can upset her daughter's whole day.

Well that's me off on my scary plane flight now, and will be very glad when it is over and I'm safe and sound at home with Monicka. My next blog will be written in Canada!!!



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