Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Little Help From a Friend

Happy Wednesday Everyone

My Daughter who has Asperger's, works with a very special lady (Nora) who is not only a speech language pathologist but has also become a very good friend to our family. My daughter has worked with her since she was in grade school and they have a developed a closeness that has been very beneficial to my daughter's growth.

We usually have meetings with her on a bi-weekly basis and I find that I really benefit from the sessions too. She has pointed many things out to me that I have had to change in dealing with my daughter. For instance she told me that kids on the spectrum may take a little longer to answer questions. I would answer the questions for my daughter if she took a little too much time, thinking she was struggling, but in truth Nora advised me to give her more time and she will answer it herself. Nora was right on the money!! Cassie also made a suggestion that she felt would help my daughter when it came to helping her concentrate on her homework and I have every intention of implementing her idea.

If it takes a village to raise a child than we should always be open to suggestions from others without feeling offended. Others may see things that we miss and I know that I DO NOT have all the answers. Parenting at best is trial and error and a little helping hand from time to time is very much appreciated.

Happy Parenting


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