Saturday, April 07, 2007

Non -verbal Communication

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We all have good days and bad days and I am so blessed to have a very special friend that can always pick up on my moods without my saying a word. She can read me like a book, and all I have to do is listen to the tone in her voice and I will know if something is not right with her.

Sadly, a lot of children who are on the autism spectrum, such as my daughter are not born with this natural sense. Not to say that it can't be learned but it takes a lot of effort and I am always amazed when my daughter makes it a point to ask me if I am OK. My youngest son will pick up on my facial expression quite naturally, but my daughter needs to go out of her way to check in with how I am feeling. Eye contact is especially difficult for her but she always tries so hard to look people in the eye. Sometimes she is so intent on keeping eye contact with whomever she is listening to, it looks like she is looking right through you. Her speech therapist and I both advised her that it was OK to look away from time to time to give her eyes a bit of a rest and she is practicing that now.

I am thrilled with the fact that the talk shows are focusing on this disorder, which is increasing at an alarming rate. Up until now it was not given enough airplay and thanks to people like Larry King and Oprah that is slowly changing. Even Oprah said it was eye- opening for her and she was shocked that this was the first time she had ever featured a program on Autism in all the many years she was on television.

If you would like to know more about Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders one of my favourite websites is,

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