Saturday, April 28, 2007

Children and Medication "Do the Research"

The updated Kidsgoals website has been around for over a year now and it always amazes me when we get emails with comments and suggestions from our readers. You mean people are actually reading what we write? We do not take your comments lightly and will do our best to take your suggestions under consideration. One email from a lady who is upset because her Dr. wanted to put her son on Ritalin after he was diagnosed with ADHD in children really hit home to me. She wanted to know if we had any information of alternative methods that she could try before she agreed to put her son on medication. I remember when my sons' Dr. suggested that I put him on anti depressants to help with his social anxiety. I was ready to try anything to help my son, but my son, who has Asperger's, would have no part of it. He said he would try it on his own for awhile and if things didn't improve he might give the pills a go. Interestingly enough he never did go on the medication.

I honestly do believe parents need to do the research before they agree to put their kids on any medication. We so want to believe that our Dr's have all the answers but experience has made me believe otherwise. We as parents are the ones who need to be advocates for our children and find out everything about the medication your Dr. may suggest as well as other alternative resources. If we don't look out for the best interest of our children who will?

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