Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Visualization and Goal Setting for Kids

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool that we have at our disposal and can call on in a moment's notice! Get a clear image in your mind of what your goal will look like. Picture and experience in your mind everything that you want to realize. How does it sound, look smell, what positive things are others saying as you stand there proudly saying, "Look what I did!!! "

You will probably find that your kids are even better at visualization than you are, but keep practicing; I guarantee it will get easier. In fact you will find after awhile that the image in your head will seem so real to you that you may even get emotional about it, all the better. Emotion makes visualizing even more powerful so your aim is to clearly see yourself as if you have already accomplished your goal while emotionally experiencing the incredible joy and satisfaction that comes from bringing it to fruition. Many professional athletes do this on a regular basis as part of their training for that competitive edge. Now that's some powerful stuff. Can I hear a whoo hooo!!!

Happy parenting,


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