Thursday, July 12, 2007

Simplified Spelling and Reading for Kids

This is a funny one! Check out the link to see a conversation between a lady from the "Simplified Spelling Society" and an expert linguist.

The Simplified Spelling Society want to "dumb down" the spelling of the English language, for instance:

Beautiful - butiful
Money - munny
More - mor

... saying that it will make it easier for children to learn to read.

How hilarious - there are so many bad points to this suggestion that it's difficult to know where to start!

The comment that struck me as the most important was from someone who had had the misfortune to be taught a simplified-spelling version of English as a child, and had to re-learn it later on. He says, "I ... very quickly consumed all available books at school and at the public library. I can still remember my frustration when I couldn't read the "normal" children's books. Such relief when we moved on to real spelling!"

From the mouths of babes...!

Happy reading with your kids,


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