Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do It Now!!!

Cassie and I set a goal to blog everyday this year. In 2006 we tried the same thing, but it was pretty much hit and miss and more miss than hit as we blogged a total of 60 times. This year we have at this time blogged a total of 206 times. Blogging is something that must be consistent as it is easy to let it slip your mind and then realize at 11:14 PM as I just did, Oh sugar, I forgot to blog today!!! Oh well what can you do??? No body's perfect right??

Everyone procrastinates from time to time, but if you want to realize your goals putting things off is a sure fire way to NOT bring them to fruition. If your kids see you breaking promises to yourself they are more likely to follow suit. Procrastination eats away at how you feel about yourself, after all if you can't trust yourself to do what you say you will do, than who can you trust?

Don't sit there and beat yourself up if you don't follow through on something, that only makes you feel worse, try a new strategy instead, such as setting a realistic schedule that you will do your best to follow. Things come up, and we all get distracted from time to time, but if you can honestly say that you gave it a good shot than that is enough. There are days when I can whip up a blog in five minutes flat and other days I will struggle for hours for something to blog about but eventually I get it done, or Cassie will step in and spell me off and I will return the favour.

Procrastination is a learned habit and the more we put things off the harder it is to get back on track. Some people thrive on deadlines and do their best work under pressure, but that doesn't work for everyone.

Happy Goalsetting,


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