Monday, July 23, 2007

The Power of the Puppy

We decided to get a dog three years ago mostly because of my daughter Savannah, who has Aspergers. Children in the Autism Spectrum have problems with social skills and so spend a lot of time on their own while their peers are invited to sleepovers and birthday parties.We thought that even though she did not really have any close friends, a dog could possibly fill part of that need. We already had two cats but they are not the friendliest and knowing that most dogs are loyal and much more affectionate than their feline counterparts, thought a puppy would be just the ticket to put a smile on our girl's face.

At first my husband was opposed of the idea because he thought that the cats were more than enough, but after awhile I convinced him to at least think about it. I had made up my mind to get a puppy and so started searching for one and came across a cute little bundle in the pet shop, a poodle/Shitzu/Maltese cross, that melted my heart the first time I laid eyes on him. Knowing how irrisistable the little fellow was I called my husband and told him about it, but when I told him the price he said no way was he paying over $800.00 for a dog. I was a little upset but asked him to at least look at it and if he didn't fall in love with it when he saw it, I would drop the dog idea altogether. He agreed to stop by after work and have a look at him and I waited in anticipation for him to come home to hear the verdict. Of course he fell in love with him as I did, how could he not?

Now it is almost Rocky's third birthday and our family cannot even fathom the idea of life without our little guy. He takes turns sleeping with each family member every night. A few hours with my husband and me and then he makes the rounds between my daughter and my son and ends up back in our bed come morning. He is the sweetest little guy and more times than not he will put a smile on my face when I am feeling a little down.

I was right about the puppy for my daughter. She loves him dearly and never complains about taking him for a walk, and when he had a near death experience this spring I saw how concerned she was that he wasn't going to pull through. Luckily he is now healthy and happy and we hope he will stay that way for many, many years to come.

A dog is a big responsibility and it is a good idea to do a bit of research to find out which breed is the best for your family and your lifestyle or if another type of pet may be more suitable. Click on this family pet article for more tips on how to choose the right pet for you.

Happy Pet Hunting


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