Sunday, July 29, 2007

Put it Down on Paper

One of the first and very crucial steps to goal setting is writing your goal down. This may not not seem like an important step. But it is! In fact, writing down a goal that you are committed to is the most important first step in the goal-setting process. You might say "I carry my goal around in my head." Well, it's absolutely necessary to carry your goal around in your head, of course. But having it down on paper could make all the difference. In fact, one of the most motivating things you and your child can do is to write out your main current goal, in as much detail as possible and including your reasons for wanting to accomplish it, and to do this every morning.
Writing your goal out is essential to programme it into the subconscious. Repeating this daily is one of the most powerful ways of generating higher and higher levels of motivation. When you have just got up in the morning is the most powerful time to do this, when your mind is at its most receptive. This is also the time of day when creativity peaks, so early morning is a particularly good time to discuss goals and new ideas.

Happy goal setting


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