Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reading and Children

My ten-year-old son and I are both eager for the release of the last book in the Harry Potter series. I have to hand it to J.K. Rowling for making a children's book that is enjoyable for all ages. When I found out about the book being released this year I made an advance order to Amazon to make sure we could get a copy. Now we wait in delicious anticipation for it to arrive in the mail. The only problem is that we will have to figure out a way that we can both read it without squabbling.

Even though the Harry Potter series caused some controversy with religious groups, it did something that not a lot of books have done in the past, it made children want to read and parents want to read it to their children. I believe it doesn't matter what children read, as long as it is not obscene in any way, even comic books are fine if it will get your child to learn to love reading.

Happy Reading


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