Thursday, November 29, 2007

Your Baby and Child Care / DayCare

Your Baby and Child Care / DayCare / Babysitters

If you have to go back to work while your baby is small, and he has to go to a child care place, it can be very distressing for you - and it's so important that you send your baby the right reassuring messages to let him know that this is OK!

Some ideas to help you and your baby as you get into your new routine:

1) It's a good idea to have your baby spend a few sessions with the new carer BEFORE you go back to work. That way you can stay with him until she is properly settled, and are on hand to go straight back if anything doesn't go well.

2) If you work close to your babycare center, or if your employer provides a creche at the office, it's lovely to be able to pop in for a quick visit with your baby. However, if your baby gets very distressed when you leave (this is common around 6 months old) then it may be kinder to skip the visit so that you only have one "goodbye" during the day rather than two.

3) Don't prolong goodbyes too much. A big kiss and hug followed by a cheerful bye bye and a firm exit - these are the ingredients for a kind departure! Gradually your baby will learn that you always come back for him! And this will help build his positive feelings of security and his ability to depend on you.

Happy parenting!


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