Friday, November 02, 2007

Child self esteem and courage - at school

Building your child's self esteem by teaching him courage: At School

When your child is at school, he will encounter many opportunities to practice courage.

* Standing up to read in front of the class
* Taking part in a school play
* Having to admit to a mistake, and apologise to another pupil
* Going on a school trip

... any of these experiences have the potential to be frightening, and you can help your child to be courageous, and build his self esteem, by:

* Always show your child by your words and action that you have lots of confidence that he will do well
* Encourage your child to talk about his emotions, including fear
* Allow your child to cry when he needs to, and provide calm reassurance
* Help your child to find ways to make frightening things seem more manageable

Happy parenting!


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