Friday, November 23, 2007

Goal setting for kids

Lots of people, myself included, have a very strong nurturing side. We want to take care of others! And caring parents very naturally want to do lots of things for their children - quite rightly.

When our children are very small, we need to do EVERYTHING for them. Babies absolutely need you to take care of their every need in order to grow healthily - both physically and emotionally.

But as our children grow, one of our big responsibilities is to help them to learn to become independent. From tying their own shoelaces as pre-schoolers through to managing their own finances as teenagers, our childhood years are full of learning to do things for ourselves.

Here's a great idea for a goal that will help you have a more relaxed morning on schooldays, teach your child about good nutrition, and help him to be independent.

You can teach your child to make his own lunch ready for school the night before. The goal should be that the lunch is to be healthy and tasty, and should be made by 7pm at night, or whatever time is appropriate in your household such that it will not impact homework, playtime or bedtime.

Make sure the whole experience is fun and enjoyable. Your child will enjoy choosing the items for his lunch, and will be proud of the independence it gives him!

Happy goal setting with your kids,


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