Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chores and PreTeens

At pre-teen age, chores and other responsibilities can play a powerful role in helping children to develop age-appropriate independence.

Some ideas to encourage the learning of responsibility and independence for 10-14 year olds:

* Have a list of family chores and have each member of the family responsible for certain chores. Rotate them to keep it interesting and to help your child develop new skills.

* Some things that your child should be learning to do for himself during this period: shower and other grooming tasks without being reminded or monitored; sort and choose school clothes; make his own school lunch; get ready for bed at the appropriate time without reminders.

* Encourage your child to be responsible for managing homework assignments and projects without your supervision. It's a good idea for privileges to be linked to responsible self-management of homework.

* Have very clear rules about when your child is expected to be home, and teach him that he is responsible for ensuring that you know where he is at all times.

* Allow your child to manage his own spending - i.e. his allowance, and for older children perhaps some other responsibilities like clothing budget.

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