Monday, November 12, 2007

Goal Setting for Kids - Believing in your child

What should you do if you are encouraging your child to set goals and he comes back to you excitedly with something like "My goal is to be the best basketball player in the world!"

You and I both know that the chances of your child achieving this goal are slim. But you don't want to dash his hopes, and damage his self-esteem, by telling him "You'll never do that!"

No, your job is to believe in him. If you can't believe he'll achieve his goal, at least believe that he will...

1. Do his best!
2. Learn the value of practice and discipline.
3. Learn the value of working towards a goal.
4. Achieve something worthwhile.

... and eventually most of our kids will figure out for themselves that they aren't destined to be the top world champion in their sport - and they'll realize that their real goal is something else. In the meantime, give your kid the support and belief in himself that he is looking up at you for!

Happy goal setting with your kids,


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