Monday, November 05, 2007

Children and optimism

Children are naturally optimistic, which is a great protection mechanism against depression and other mental disorders. Sadly, our children's natural optimism tends to get dented or sometimes smashed by the nasty outside world!

What can we do to help preserve our children's optimism, while equipping them with the tools and skills that they will need to deal with the inevitable setbacks and calamities that life throws at everyone?

* Encourage children to take credit for their successes, building their self esteem with a genuine appreciation of their skills and attributes.

* When setbacks occur, suggest to your child that their next effort might be rewarded with success. In other words, encourage them to see setbacks as temporary.

These are two simple lessons that you can instill in your child over and over again just as you go about your daily activities.

Happy Parenting


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