Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Self esteem for children

If your child is good at something - and ALL children are! - then it would be a fantastic boost for his self esteem if you were to arrange for him to perform or "show off" in front of an appreciative group.

A local boy in the town of Bicester, near where I live, did just that last week and was reported in the local press. Michael, aged 7, is a talented pianist and was invited to perform at the Bicester senior citizens' club. The old folks loved Michael's performance. The center manager commented, "Michael was just delightful as well as a wonderful musician."

Michael's mother said he loved playing for the people, and commented how good it was for him to have the opportunity to perform in front of a group rather than just at home for his family.

The folks at Bicester center loved Michael's playing so much, they have asked him to come again.

Happy parenting,


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