Monday, August 13, 2007

Dream On

Cassie and I love to analyze each others dreams. We have a dream dictionary and we try and find out what our dreams are trying to tell us. Whether you believe dreams are significant or not research has shown that people who are deprived of the dream phase of sleep or (REM) will become irritable and feel anxious. In one study volunteers were woken up before they entered the dream state and then were allowed to fall back asleep. This was repeated through the night. All the volunteers were allowed to sleep the same amount of hours they normally did. The next day the volunteers were observed as being disoriented, depressed, crabby and quick tempered and some ate more than ususual. As the study continued the subjects became even more agitated and showed lack of concentration and even memory loss.

Dreams are necessary for our well- being and health but in order to dream we have to also get adequate sleep especially children and teens.

Happy Dreaming


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