Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kids, Exercise and Buggies

This interesting article points out that older children are now routinely being pushed around in buggies rather than walking. In the good old days :) prams were much heavier and were usually ditched once a kid was about 2 years old. Now it seems lots of parents simply find it more convenient to push a child about up until school age - with some reports of parents even bringing the buggy to school to pick the 6 or 7 year old up in!

Frankly, I'm shocked. I can't agree that safety is a reasonable excuse for this behavior. We can either use reins or hold an older child's hand. Kids are designed to be on the move! How else will they develop properly - muscles, balance, co-ordination and metabolism?

In addition, while children's diet is obviously another major concern, this increasing restriction of kids' movement can hardly be helping the trend towards childhood obesity.

Back-pain specialist Dr Alison McGregor, of Imperial College in London, says "Children need to be upright and walking about to strengthen their back muscles and their abdominal muscles, in order for the spine to be properly supported." Hear, hear!

Want to hear YOUR thoughts please?!?!


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