Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Emotional Mastery", Goal Setting Kids

Hi everyone ... I have been thinking a lot lately about EMOTIONS in general. We all have challenges in life, some of which are inevitably going to be upsetting. Sometimes seemingly small things can upset us a lot, probably because they are associated unconsciously with major upsets in the past.

I was very sad the other day and a dear friend of mine helped me feel better by gently leading me through a process like this:

1. Recognize the emotions you feel.
2. Allow yourself to feel and express them. It is OK to cry if you are sad!
3. Remember that you have other emotions inside you, like Happiness and Resourcefulness. And allow those emotions the space to come out too.

It's not always easy, but better I think than bottling things up.

What a great thing it would be if we could give kids the tools to master their emotions. A child who can recognize and express his or her emotions, and realize that it is possible to choose other emotions when they are ready to, will be a strong child indeed. That can only help with Kids Goal Setting and other achievements!

What do YOU think??


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