Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Help your kids with homework

My nine-year -old son has procrastinating down to a fine art and up until now was able to get away without completing some of his homework because frankly, he is one cute kid!! However, since he has started grade four he has learned the hard way that his cuteness won’t cut it with his male teacher.
This Wednesday he was given an assignment and told that it had to be completed by Monday. He has just learned cursive writing and so the process of completing his writing assignment was painstakingly slow. My son put off working on his assignment until Friday when I questioned him on how much he had completed which was very little. I decided to get strict with him and told him he would have to start working on it immediately or he would not complete it on time. He started on it rather reluctantly and I could tell that he was really struggling. It took him most of the weekend and it was not easy for him but I am proud to say he persevered and completed the assignment on time. He later told me that only eleven other students were able to do this. He was very proud of himself and I could see that he had learned a valuable lesson about putting things off. Suffice to say that when he came home from school the first thing he did was complete the homework assigned for that day.
I think it is very important for parents to take your child’s homework seriously. By showing your child that homework and studying are an important part of education and that you care if they complete assignments on time you are showing your child that you care and that in turn will make them more likely to care too. Children are also more likely to study if they see you reading or writing rather than watching TV. By keeping your home quiet and distractions to a minimum you will help your child to concentrate on the task at hand.
Cheers, Monicka

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