Sunday, March 30, 2008

Take the time for your child

I sure that all of us are guilty of this scenario from time to time? We are home after a long day at work, trying to figure out something for dinner and your son comes to you for advice or for help on his homework. If you are like the majority of parents you are stressed to the max and do not take the time to stop and actually acknowledge your child and take the time to answer his question or at the very least look him in the eye and tell him you have lots on the go right now, but as soon as you have a free moment you will help him and follow through with your promise.

Most kids are so used to being disappointed time and time again when they want you to spend time for them that they will just shrug their shoulders and walk away. You are sending a message loud and clear to your child that he is not important enough and not a big enough priority for you to spend your valuable time. Dinner can always wait, but when your child needs you make it your first priority to be there for him and this will have a positive impact on how he feels about himself.

Happy, Positive Parenting,


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