Friday, March 28, 2008

Positive Talk and THINK before you speak!

As parents we need to understand that how we communicate with our children can have a huge impact on their self esteem. Kids seem to really pick up on any negative comments and take them to heart. We may just be stressed and say something that we do not really mean, but your children do not know this. Try to think about what you are saying and take the time to evalutate the impact this will have on your child.

Never tell your child he is bad, it is the behavior that is not pleasing at the time and you are not happy with the behavior, but you still love your child and he needs to know this. If you blurt out something that you really did not mean to say when you are feeling out of sorts, don't just blow it off, take the time to sit down with your child and tell him that what you said was not appropriate, and you did not mean it and you still love him. Do not let any negative comments that may slip out fester in your child, he needs to know that you are always in his corner and will love him no matter what.

Happy Positive Talk,


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