Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brilliant Solution to Child Sleep Problems

How about this charming story a KidsGoal's subscriber shared with us, regarding her solution to the "MOM! DAD! I can't sleep!" problem?

Shelly, aged 4, started insisting on her parents staying with her until she fell asleep after her big sister moved into a room of her own.

Soon growing tired of this routine, they came up with a rather unusual solution, in the form of a goldfish. A charming little aquarium was installed, and Nemo the Goldfish moved in onto Shelly's dresser. As an extra bonus, the fish tank had uplighters that helped Natalie feel reassured in the dark.

Not only did this ingenious idea solve the family's nighttime problems, but being responsible for Nemo taught Shelly lots of useful lessons, as pets do!

Check out article, The Family Pet, for more ideas.

Happy parenting :))

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