Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

It is so hard to believe that my little girl is turning sixteen today. I have watched her grow into a a beautiful (inside and out) caring and talented young person. Life has not always been easy for her because of her Aspergers but she perseveres and tries to do her best no matter what.

She will be going into grade eleven and I know she is feeling a bit stressed about how she is going to fit in with the other students. Her teachers have always been supportive although she still has problems making friends with the other students. Luckily she has never been bullied by any of her classmates and they are friendly to a point but by the same token they do not reach out to her in friendship. She has been hurt by a so-called friend in the past and so is very wary about letting her guard down.

My biggest hope for her as she enters a new school year is that people will see her in a new light and appreciate her for the awesome person that she is. She has a huge heart and I know she would be a loyal and caring friend to anyone who gave her a chance.

Happy Birthday Sweet Savannah I am very proud to call you my daughter.

Happy Parenting


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