Monday, September 24, 2007

Kidsgoals Advice Column

Cassie and I often receive email from our subscribers for parenting advice. Now I am by no means a professional at parenting and have learned most of my tricks of the trade from trial and error. They say the proof is in the pudding and all four of my kids, two twenty somethings a sixteen -year- old and a ten-year-old have turned out to be so far (knock on wood) basically happy, well adjusted, independent and very goal oriented individuals.

Now I cannot take all the credit for these great kids as I did have help from the children's Fathers (married twice) but I would say as a mostly stay at home Mom, I did spend more time with them, so I will take most of the credit. I learned a great deal from each child and when something did not work with one, I tried something else with the next one until I found a way that seemed to work.

Cassie and I have mutually decided that for the next little while we will post these questions as well as the advice given on our blog so that someone who may be having a similar parenting problem may hopefully find some helpful advice.

Happy Parenting

From Cassie and Monicka

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