Saturday, September 29, 2007

Homework Help for Kids - Reward Charts

Homework Help for Kids - Reward Charts

If a child has developed a negative attitude to homework for whatever reason, a reward chart could be a useful tool to help them get things back onto a good footing.

Every day that your child sticks to the new routine for homework, they should get a “point” on the reward chart.

For primary school children, make sure they are rewarded on the same day – with a pretty sticker and lots of praise, for instance – as well as a special end-of-week reward, maybe an outing to their favorite park, or a small toy.

Older children can delay their gratification a little more – so you could arrange for them to earn a “DVD and friends round” evening, or whatever does it for them, once they complete a week or two of their new homework routine. Tailor it to their age and their interests.

Happy homework help with your kids!


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