Monday, June 04, 2012

"Goal Setting For Children" Planting Positive Thoughts :)

The first time I attempted to grow a garden - I noticed two things rather quickly. One, I am not a gardener :) and two if you let the weeds get out of control, they will soon take over your garden. It is pretty easy to use that analogy when it comes to thoughts too. If you keep letting the negative ones in they will choke out the positive ones PDQ. It is not so much that negative thoughts have that much power as they are quite low on the energy scale, but enough of them piled up day after day it becomes harder and harder to get through the weeds to the flowers. By flowers I mean the good stuff - the wonderful things about YOU and your life.I had to learn that the hard way and I try and teach this lesson to my children on a daily basis, so that they won't have to wait until they are in their forties to have the same AHA moment.

I am attempting to grow a garden again this summer, as it is so nice to have fresh, organic produce, without having to go to a grocery store and pay the exorbitant prices for quality produce. It is also a good opportunity to bond with the kids and we decided it made it a weekend family project. I let my two kids choose a few packages of seeds to sow and put them in charge of keeping the weeds at bay for whichever rows of vegetables they chose to plant. That way I won't get overwhelmed when the weeds start popping up:)   Wishing you all an awesome day from KidsGoals :)

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