Thursday, February 03, 2011

Moving Forward

It has been a little over a month now since my wonderful friend Cassie passed and I miss her terribly. Grief is a journey, but one you shouldn't travel alone. If you are experiencing a loss it is imperative that you have support from family and friends and perhaps even seek professional help. I have been seeing a grief counselor and it has helped me to deal with the myriad of emotions that are part and parcel of the grieving process. She told me it is very common to feel guilt for not having done enough when that person was alive, and of course if your loved one was taken suddenly you also want answers as to why it had to be that way - answers you may never get.

All of this is a natural, normal and important part of the healing process. I have been told by others who have experienced a tragic loss, that one day it will all feel different. You will still be sad for something very precious has been taken from your life, but it will not be the overwhelming, debilitating sadness that you may be experiencing right now. In time, and please bear in mind it is different for everyone, but in time you will be able to accept that this person is no longer in your life, but you will forever carry the love they gave you in your heart, and the memories of your loved ones will bring you joy not pain.

My counselor told me not to wait until I feel better to do more she said, "Do more and you will feel better." For some just getting out of bed may be a tall order so keep in mind It doesn't have to be anything monumental, just one small thing that keeps you moving forward. Part of my healing is to continue with the Kidsgoals website and newsletter. My goal is to have the next issue out before Valentines day. It gives me something to occupy my mind and I know it is something that my dear friend would have wanted.

Wishing you all love and support on your own healing journey,


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