Monday, February 28, 2011

Kind of Down Day

Hello Readers

I am having a kind of a down day today as I wait to receive feedback on the newsletter I sent out Friday night. It is nothing even close to what Cassie would have come up with and so will have to get my act together and do a lot more studying on how to present it in a way that you, the reader will appreciate. There is so much involved in formatting and using the right html code, java script stuff and I am just a newbie.

I have to stop writing on how hard things are for me and concentrate on the topic at hand which is giving you the tools to help your children with goal setting, which will in turn lead to more confidence and higher self esteem, as well as give them a skill they can use for life - the foundation of kidsgoals.

So without further ado I will stop lamenting and continue bringing fresh content to this parenting blog for anyone who happens to stumble upon it. :))

Happy Parenting,


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