Saturday, October 27, 2007

Something has got to give.

Cassie and i have co-edited and sent out the kidsgoals newsletter to our subscribers on a bi-weekly basis since January but due to time constraints and a much more hectic lifestyle we are only going to be able to send it once a month until further notice. We want to give our readers the best newsletter that we can and with my starting a full time job and Cassie pretty much working two jobs we feel that we can no longer give our readers what they have come to expect. With this in mind you will now be receiving the newsletter on the fifteenth of every month. By only sending out the newsletter once a month Cassie and I hope to give our readers what they deserve, an informative and well-written ezine offering our readers parenting advice and ways to help their children develop goal -setting skills. we would however still like you to email us with any parenting questions as we want to help with any of your concerns and either Cassie or myself will get back to you as soon as we can with an answer.

Happy Parnting,


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