Sunday, October 07, 2007

Children, cooking, and taste buds

When I was little I loved Farleys rusks. Not sure if you get them in the States but here in England they are a popular biscuit for babies and toddlers. Soaked in milk they go all mushy, or eaten dry as a biscuit they are a great finger food.

Farleys have this delicious, slightly sweetened, cereally taste that I remembered vividly. Image my disappointment years later when I ate one and it tasted of - nothing!

I had not realized until that moment how much our tastebuds change with age. A baby's taste buds are much more sensitive than an adults. So introduce strongly-flavored foods with caution and respect your child's tastes if they are overwhelmed by strong foods.

Introduce new flavor gradually and encourage your child to try new things without being afraid that he will be forced to eat large quantities of something that is unpalatable for him!

For fun and easy ideas with your kids in the kitchen, check out cooking with your child.

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