Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hobbies for kids

My friend was telling me yesterday about his teenage nephew Louis, who is applying for a scholarship to help him study golf at university. Louis is very passionate and excited about golf and has been for years. But if your child has not yet found his passion, helping your kid find a hobby he can really enjoy and be passionate about can be a fulfilling challenge for any parent. The temptation to live through our children can at times be overwhelming, especially if our own childhoods were unhappy or deprived in some way. So the first thing we should remember to do when we are thinking about helping our kids find their passion / hobby is that we need to be enjoying a fulfilling life ourselves. If this is difficult (believe me you would not be alone!) then it is as well to bear in mind this thought: “How could you know what your kids might have become, if you keep trying to live through them?”

For tips on helping your child find and enjoy a hobby, check out this parenting article:

A hobby for your kid

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