Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I picked up my mac book from the shop today and it is once again alive and well and ready to kick some blogging butt :)

Since I love reading I am always looking for the next "must have" book to add to my reading repertoire and came upon a book by Susan Jeffers called "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. The gist of this self help book is how Jeffers faced her own crippling fears and became empowered and how you too can put fear in the backseat and take the wheel once and for all. The book has been out for awhile so decided to give it a miss, but it got me thinking about my own fears and how amazing it would be to be able to overcome a few of them. One that comes to mind is my fear of public speaking and a quick Google search quickly confirmed that a lot of people suffer from this phobia - glad to know I am not alone :)

So I have decided since I have a good handle on my daily writing and my willpower is getting stronger with every blog, maybe it is time to throw something else in the mix. Now, I am not going to write this in stone but maybe, just maybe I will look into "Toastmasters" and see what it all entails.I mean it can't hurt to ask a few questions right? So while I am not quite ready to join up, I am going to take the first step and do a bit of research to see what this "Toastmasters" is all about. I know - not exactly stepping out of my comfort zone, but who knows where it will lead!
I will keep you posted.

I am tired and it is late and I haven't had my dinner yet, so will leave it at that. The aim is to write daily and it doesn't have to be brilliant - just consistent. This is a very good topic, so you can bet I will be blogging about it again soon. After all, overcoming any fear whether real or imagined is a huge confidence booster and who couldn't use more confidence. It might be a good idea to talk to your kids about what they fear.

Happy overcoming your fears,


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