Saturday, October 08, 2011

This that and the other

I read somewhere that it takes twenty-one days for a habit to be formed. Today is day eighteen of my blogging challenge, so I am only a few days from developing a "blogging habit" which is good to know. On most days I struggle to come up with something interesting enough to say, so if someone stumbles on my blog they may find it worth reading. Isn't that the intention of all bloggers? While it would be nice to know someone is reading my posts, it is not the reason I have decided to blog on a daily basis. It is more like a challenge to myself to see how long I can continue to write daily for a minimum of thirty minutes. I also read that in order to become a better writer, one should make it a habit to write every day. It doesn't have to be anything profound, but it should be daily.

Speaking of writing, I have to start thinking about the next article for the October Kidsgoals newsletter, as we are getting close to the middle of the month and I really want to try and get it out around the fifteenth of the month if possible. I was thinking of some kind of Halloween theme for the recipe and crafts section, but I am stymied about a topic for the issue. Even though it is frustrating at times the newsletter is a labour of love and I especially enjoy putting it all together once I have all of the sections completed. It gives me great personal satisfaction to send it off and I know Cassie would be so proud of me. It is still so hard to believe she is gone and not a day goes by when she is not in my thoughts - I so miss her : ( sigh....

Anyway, in a few hours my son will be off to the arena so I should make sure he gets his things together, so he is not running around at the last minute trying to find this or that. I can tell he is a little nervous, but nothing like the first day - maybe he is starting to relax a bit now that he knows what it all entails? I think it is the unknown part of something that scares us the most when we make an attempt to do something we have never tried before. We tend to make up these scenarios in our mind and they are usually negative. Most of the time it turns out that none of things we imagined happening ever come to pass. I find that really interesting and I think it is some kind of built in protection device from our caveman ancestors to protect us from doing something that may have turned out to be detrimental to our health. It is not like we have to worry about sabertooth tigers jumping out of the bushes when we go for a walk, so not sure why most of us have not evolved enough to be able to look at a situation for what it is and not build it up into something it is not. Anyway more of my meanderings and so will close this blog for now before I get too far out there : )

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