Monday, December 31, 2007

Set Goals Not Resolutions

Well, it is hard to believe but it is that time again. Time to look at what we have accomplished in the last year and time to decide what we want to accomplish this year. This process is called setting New Year's Resolutions but Cassie and I prefer to call it goal setting. The dictionary definition of resolution means that you resolve to do something or decided that a course of action is needed. Now that you have decided to set your resolution(s)for 2008, it is now time to set some goals.

A lot of people say things like I want to try and lose weight this year. First of all trying is not succeeding and it doesn't give your subconscious mind very clear instructions and secondly "lose weight" is not very a good term either because what you lose you can surely find again and we don't want that do we? Thirdly try and rephrase what you want to accomplish by making it sound like you have already accomplished it or are in the process of accomplishing it; such as, my body is manifesting symmetry or I am now at a healthy weight for my size which is ___ pounds.

Choose positive clear statements and write them down. Then you can break them down into smaller goals to accomplish your bigger goal.For instance in order to reach your ideal weight you say I exercise 3-5 times a week or I choose healthy foods that give me energy rather than empty calorie foods.

Change your wording to a more positive tone and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. See yourself at your idea weight, how does it make you feel, emotions play a huge part in whether you will succeed with your goal. Imagine how wonderful it will be when you receive compliments from friends about how fantastic you look!! Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool that you can use to accomplish most anything so use this to your advantage. Remember "Believing is seeing"!!

Sit down with your children and see what kind of goals they would like to accomplish in 2008 and check out our website for great articles on goal setting with your children.

Happy New Year to you all and Happy Goal setting!!

Cassie and Monicka

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