Monday, November 22, 2010

A very special offer from parenting expert Renee Mill

Morning all, just a quick note about a rather special offer that we came across and I know you'll be interested in. Parenting expert Renee Mill is offering a package of 11 of her "No Sweat Parenting" DVDs at a huge discount. It's a clever idea - she's discounting the price drastically - by up to 98% - depending on how many buyers are interested.

Some of the titles that particularly caught my eye included “Teaching Empathy”, “Building Resilience”, “Gaining Cooperation with Ease”, and many more valuable titles are included in the package.

We think that a lot of parents will benefit from Renee’s expert advice. She has been teaching parenting classes for many years and has helped hundreds of parents all over the world.

The link for the special offer is

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